Structure and Responsibilities

Vice President ,Dean: Mr. Huang Yanhe       

Executive Vice Dean: Mr. Wang  Shihua         Phone: 0591-83787126

Vice Dean: Ms. Huang Ling                             Phone: 0591-86396312

Vice Dean: Ms. Huang Shunrong                    Phone: 0591-83778870

Vice Minister in Office of Students Affairs & Vice Dean: Mr. Liu Sheng

Phone: 0591-83789200


Office of General Affairs

Responsible Person: Ms. Wang Guangju

Phone: 0591-83789335


Office of Graduate Admission

Responsible Person: Mr. Li Meisheng

Office Staff: Ms. Chen Yaqiong, Mr. Zheng Chaoming      

Phone: 0591-83789215


Office of Graduate Academic Training 

Responsible Person: Ms. Fu Yun

Office Staff: Mr. You Haochen 

Phone: 0591-87984575

Office of Professional Degree Management

Responsible Person: Ms. Huang Maojin

Office Staff: Ms. Huang Lanfang

Phone: 0591-83789448


Office of  Graduate Degree

Responsible Person: Ms. Fan Mei

Office Staff: Ms. Lin Yunqing, Mr. Cai Jianfeng      

Phone: 0591-83789247

Office of Degree Authorized Program's Construction and Quality Supervision

Responsible Person: Ms.Liu Danling

Office Staff: Ms. Qian Yanping

Phone: 0591-83766171

Office of Post-doctoral Management

Responsible Person: Ms. Chen Lixian

Phone: 0591-83776192

Office of Students Affairs

Responsible Person of Graduate Education Department: Mr.Chen Qian

Office Staff: Ms. Zou Xiaodan

Phone: 0591-83758115

Person on serving temporary positions: Mr. Li Wencan

Person on secondment: Ms.Rao Shuting


Contact Numbers of the Colleges ( Area Code: 0591)

College of Crop Science: 0591-83789481

College of Computer and Information Science: 0591-83712011

College of Plant Protection: 0591-83789469

College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering: 0591-83789374

College of Horticulture: 0591-83702857

College of Transportation and Civil Engineering: 0591-22850748

College of Forestry: 0591-83851475

College of Economics & College of Strait Rural Development: 0591-87640928

College of Life Sciences: 0591-83789452

College of Management & College of Tourism: 0591-22852351

College of Arts & College of Landscape Architecture: 0591-83720621

EducationCenter of MBA: 0591-22852351

College of Animal Science: 0591-83789486

College of Public Administration: 0591-83702953

College of Bee Science: 0591-83789440

EducationCenter of MPA: 0591-83703405

College of Resource and Environmental Science: 0591-83789361

College of Humanities and Law: 0591-83765081

College of Food Science: 0591-83647299

College of Marxism:0591- 83844501

College of Material Engineering: 0591-87640686

Anxi College of Tea Science:0595-26163105

Overseas EducationCollege: 0591-83727618


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